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About holding the announcement of seminar of protein detached and rarefied techn
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The biology industry of our country already took shape, the biology engineering product that gives priority to with gene project medicaments more and more entering the market; Protein preparation and rarefied the crucial link in regarding biology technology product as research and development, optimize to the process from sample preparation, rarefied strategy, from relevant product regulation, policy unscrambles economic analysis of the technology, it is the core that biology industry pays close attention to closely from beginning to end. The professional system that to help life science research and biology technology use a field masters protein depart rarefied tool, understand relevant policy provision, guidance and aggrandizement solve the ability of specific issue in protein detached and rarefied practice, company of magazine of Chinese biology project (Documentation and Information Center of center of development of technology of biology of society of Chinese biology project, China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is sponsorred) atIn November 2008 22-23 dayHold in BeijingSeminar of protein detached and rarefied technology.

This period the expert of a gleam of that seminar will invite the home such as courtyard of division of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, surgeon to pursue preparation and rarefied technology gives lessons, use expert lecture to give priority to, complementary the study way that talks real case in order to lead student, outstanding and interactive sex studies the effect with rising; Basis before the development demand of the opinion feedback on seminar and biology industry, special the content of the analysis of economy of layer analyse technology that added to pay close attention to in the light of emphasis of biology engineering company and relevant policy analysis.

Delibrate ganger wants content:
The acquisition of protein sample
Principle of layer analyse pretreatment and technology: Centrifugal, filter, exceed extraction of photograph of filter, double water
Protein layer analyse, include:
(1) choice of layer analyse medium: The influence of character of layer analyse medium to layer analyse process -- material is qualitative, aperture, luscious round
(2) layer analyse technology: Pincers of analyse of layer of molecular platoon block, ion exchange, scanty water, metal closes, kiss and layer analyse
(3) method of conformity of layer analyse measure: Alternative, resolution, trends carries the control of quantity, main impurity and purify
(4) protein rarefied platform: Suit to be mixed at the method with rarefied protein of molecular biology laboratory example

Odd clone antibody is rarefied, include:
(1) the biochemical property of Chan Kelong antibody
(2) the tool with Chan Kelong rarefied antibody
(3) the strategy with Chan Kelong rarefied antibody and plan
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