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Countrywide biology chip standardizes technical committee to hold water in Beiji
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On October 23, countrywide biology chip standardizes technical committee to hold water in Beijing.

This committee is in charge of sectional approval to hold water via standardization of the State Council, by the State Council standardization is in charge of sectional leader, the country pledges check total bureau is in charge of business guidance, beijing examines quarantine bureau is assume an unit, research center of project of country of biology chip Beijing is in charge of day-to-day management for secretariat unit.

Establish this committee to aim to develop the each respect expert such as production, management, scientific research adequately to be in the action in the standardization job of each industries, industry, enterprise, organization, orgnaization, the standardization that develops biology chip field extensively works. Its are main the task is concern policy policy according to the country, the policy that formulates chemical industry of biology chip specialized standard to make, policy and technical measure, the technology that chip of biology of responsible whole nation standardizes puts in a job 's charge, the foundation of responsible biology chip, relevant product and detect the national metric system of methodological domain edits the job, and according to " countrywide specialized standard changes technical committee way " reach national level appoint concerned regulation undertakes administrative.

(reporter Li Changchun)

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