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Wei lane: With most advanced water quality the instrument that monitor ensures d
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Monitor ability to promote Wei lane drinking water source ground water quality considerably, ensure safety of broad citizen drinking water further, a few days ago, have the most advanced monitoring instrument of world advanced level- - appearance of gas phase color atlas and temperamental couplet monitor a center to stand to finish installation smoothly to debug in Wei lane environment with appearance. After this instrument investment is used, can make Wei lane drinkable fountainhead ground water quality is added by 45 original enlarge from inspect project reach 106, promoted Wei lane drinking water source ground water quality considerably the ability that monitor.

As we have learned, monitor ability modernization to carry out Wei lane environment in the round, enhance environmental protection to monitor ability, for environmental protection the job provides scientific basis, wei lane put forward water quality of ground of drinking water source technically to monitor ability to build instrument equipment to purchase a plan. This plan uses central environmental protection special fund, use at temperamental couplet to use clear up of appearance of appearance, gas phase color atlas, microwave to condense appearance appearance, automatically to wait for 6 (set) of the advanced instrument that monitor purchase, be included Wei lane government to purchase an item.

According to staff member introduction, because the function is more backward,the water quality that Wei lane uses previously monitors an instrument, cannot monitor the organic pollution project that the country sets completely, lane of the Wei when be being monitored every time should send to the place that has the capacity that monitor to undertake monitoring again, cause the passivity with environmental protection very big job. And each technology index all is in the monitoring instrument that introduces now the world is top-ranking and advanced level, after investment is used not only but greatly managing manpower material resources, increase effectiveness for a given period of time of the work that monitor, and except contented Wei lane source ground water quality monitors drinking water of library of current gorge landscape in outside the demand of the analysis that monitor of project of all and organic pollution, execute the law to the environmental management of whole henceforth town and environment the job also will produce main effect.

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